Gamebook Playmat & Accessories Set

Expand your Lone Wolf Gamebook experience!

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The Vinyl Gamebook mat comes in a stunning tube wrapped in artwork featuring the legendary Sommerswerd!

We have created  a selection of add-ons to accompany the mat:

  • Tokens for your coins, meals, endurance and combat skill, battles and deaths! 
  • Lone Wolf dice tray incorporating the combat table
  • Lone Wolf branded dry wipe markers for use with the mat
  • The Kai series D10 dice collection, featuring prominent factions sigils
  • Two card decks illustrated by Tony Hough, fantasy illustrator for the likes of Games Workshop and Fighting Fantasy, Tony brings his amazing style to the Lone Wolf universe for the first time!
  • Deck featuring Weapons, Items, Special Items and Kai Disciplines
  • Deck of encounters featuring all your favourite, feared creatures and villains you face during your epic adventure

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