Gamebook Playmat & Accessories Set

This vinyl A2 mat allows you to track your progress across a newly created map. It also incorporates all the Action Chart areas for your Kai disciplines, coins, meals, weapons, backpack items, combat record, and combat results table.  

It comes with D10 dice, dry-erase marker pens, tokens for coins, meals, location markers, a Lone Wolf miniature standee and base, and a token and card management system.

Last but not least, the set includes a deck of cards to keep track of your Kai disciplines, items, weapons, and encounters.

This all comes packaged in a beautifully designed tube featuring the legendary Sommerswerd! If you enjoy playing the gamebooks with family and friends, this kicks things up a gear.

Anyone signing up for the Kickstarter at UK Games Expo will receive an exclusive item included in their pledge.

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