Lone Wolf
The Huntress

Upon your triumphant return from the twilight world of the Daziarn, you discover that your ancient enemies – the Darklords of Helgedad – are on the brink of conquering all of Magnamund.  Before you can restore the Kai Order, you must find a way to stop the Darklords once and for all!

In THE MASTERS OF DARKNESS, you must travel to the heart of the Darklords’ evil empire, the infernal city of Helgedad. Simply getting there will be a monumental undertaking, however!  You will have to brave treacherous seas and horrifying monsters, all while traversing a desolate waste so vile and toxic that the land itself can kill the unwary.  Ultimately you must confront Gnaag, Archlord of the Black City, in a final battle that will determine the future of the world!