Lone Wolf
The Huntress

The King has summoned you, Lone Wolf, last of the Kai Lords, to his citadel at Holmgard. A convoy loaded with gold and gems from the Maaken Mines has disappeared, along with the patrol that was sent to investigate - one hundred elite Guard Cavalry along with their commanding officer, Captain D’Val. All have disappeared without trace.

In THE CHASM OF DOOM your quest is to lift the veil of mystery that now hangs over the remote Baronial Province of Ruanon.
As you and your rangers enter the Royal Armory to equip yourselves for the long ride south, you glimpse a black crow perched on a window ledge high above. It flies away, but not before a shiver has run down your spine. In Holmgard, the crow is a bird of ill omen.
THE CHASM OF DOOM is the fourth book in the LONE WOLF series - a unique interactive fantasy series. Each episode can be played separately or combined to create a continuous role-playing epic.