Lone Wolf
The Huntress

You are a hair’s breadth away from completing your quest to recover all of the Lorestones of Nyxator when your arch-enemy, Darklord Gnaag sends you plummeting headfirst through a shadow gate – a black portal that links your world of Magnamund with the twilight world of the Daziarn Plane, the same inescapable void to which Vonotar the Traitor was banished!

In THE PRISONERS OF TIME, you must recover the final two Lorestones and somehow return to Magnamund, a feat no one has ever achieved before. The alien realm of the Daziarn presents many trials and dangers, but your courage and skills are legendary.  As the last of the Kai Lords, can you succeed in your quest and find a way home in time to save your people from the overwhelming evil of Archlord Gnaag and the armies of Naar?