Lone Wolf
The Huntress

Vital information has come to you, news of three radiant gems held in the infamous fortress-city of Torgar.  As Kai Master, you have vowed to restore your Order and this report brings you hope, but it also confirms your worst fears. The Darklords have captured the remaining three Lorestones of Luomi, Gamir, and Vinaldo – wondrous gems filled with the power and wisdom of the Sun God Kai.


In THE DUNGEONS OF TORGAR, you must travel to the city of Eru, where Prince Graygor will help you reach the infernal Drakkarim stronghold where the Lorestones reside.  But you must be swift and bold.  With each passing moment the evil sorcerers of the Darklords come closer to their task of destroying the Lorestones, and with it, the hope for all of Magnamund!