Lone Wolf
The Huntress

Sommerlund rebuilds, but the scars of war remain.

Shocking news reaches your homeland that the leader of the Ice Barbarians has fallen to a hunch-backed magician!

Vonotar has escaped justice and now rules over the frozen wastes of Kalte. The King vows to his people that The Traitor shall be brought to Holmgard, to answer for his crimes - a promise that only you can fulfil.

In THE CAVERNS OF KALTE, you must brave the terrible perils of the ice kingdom in a quest to capture your most detested foe, and avenge the massacre of the Kai. But be warned! It is a challenge that will test your skill and endurance to the very limit.

THE CAVERNS OF KALTE is the third book in the LONE WOLF series - a unique interactive fantasy series. Each episode can be played separately or combined to create a continuous role-playing epic.