Month of the Magnakai

With the final two adventures of the MAGNAKAI series announced in SOFTCOVER, we are celebrating the MONTH OF THE MAGNAKAI with 20% off the series for the whole of March.

Strange lands, vicious enemies, and unexpected allies await you amid the shifting shadows of the Daziarn. Will you escape oblivion or remain trapped forever!?

If you achieve the impossible and escape, there is no time to rest. Poised to conquer Magnamund, their victory all but assured, you must travel to the heart of the Darklands, where Archlord Gnaag awaits you in the Black City.

Your battle against this overlord of evil will determine the fate of your world. The ultimate challenge lies ahead in the Magnakai saga’s exciting and terrifying climax!


If that wasn't enough, we are extending these savings to our range of FINE ART PRINTS, including our collection of Portraits - a special collaboration between Holmgard Press and artist JE Fuller. Twelve portraits, in color and line-drawn.

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