ONLY FIVE DAYS REMAIN on the Kickstarter campaign for "Lone Wolf - The Fortress Of Death" an interactive audio adventure for mobile devices set in Magnamund and Castle Death!

The game features a narrative voice, cinematic music and sound effects and the lone wolf rule set incorporated within the app. The campaign was funded in 5 hours! But the race towards more stretch goals continues...

Join us on Kickstarter:

In 1989 Joe Dever – the author of the original Lone Wolf game books – presented a groundbreaking interactive game called PhoneQuest. This innovative experience allowed players to dial a number on their landline phones and immerse themselves in an atmospheric interactive audiobook, complete with music and captivating sound effects.

Now the time has come to reimagine Joe Dever’s original concept and bring it to the smartphones and tablets of the 21st century. Our new game incorporates 360 surround sound and cutting-edge app technology while staying true to the essence of the original. This new interactive adventure returns to the glory days of Lone Wolf and fantasy roleplaying games, and will be one of the most immersive audio game experiences ever. Enter, if you dare, The Fortress of Death!

To get a taste of what awaits you, download the Sound Realms app and try out the demo version of this new adventure now!

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